Thursday 24 September 2015

Safety First!

Typical safety gear

Wise words, but a real bind when your goggles are steaming up while your cutting wood or painting (I guess I need better ones!)

Before you set out and get building the tools you'll need for ceremonial magic, you'll need some simple items for protection, a willingness to read the manuals for your tools (if using power tools, this is a must!), and a lot of common sense.

  • Get goggles, gloves suited to the work you are going to undertake and USE THEM all the time.
  • Make sure that you sweep your workplace often (the dust makes the floor very slippery)
  • Check that you are wide awake and focused before using any tool
  • Focus on job in hand, Do not let your mind wander while cutting/drilling etc...
  • Use common sense and take a few moments to look at possible problems you may run into
  • Read the manuals, research risks for the jobs you are doing
  • Use tools without knowing what they do
  • leave shavings/dust around
  • Get over confident and do jobs without protection
Cheap kitchen mat saves slip ups

I'll discuss specific safety issues as they arise for each piece also.  There are many accidents that can happen, most can be avoided with common sense.


  1. Great work -- nice to see square pillars.

    Putting candles under the red pyramids will cause problems in the long run. The plastic will melt and the superglue catches fire. during a long ritual (heat rises and never under estimate the heat that is chucked out by a candle) The only way around that is to use those battery powered spots which are cheap and do the job safely and just as well.

    1. Yep, we use the battery ones currently (and looking for brighter ones now). For actual real candles to be used I plan eventually to learn about glass/lead window assembly and make some proper ones with ventilation etc... (I guess also I could make the Kerux lamp if I get competent with the glass work) - Cheers for reading Nick, any input on design or history is always appreciated and absorbed!

    2. Updated the Tetragram post with real candle warning :)